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Find leads. On LinkedIn. Without LInkedin.

Source leads you will never find in another way.

Find your target companies with hundreds of filters. Turn them into a list of qualified LinkedIn profiles. In 5 minutes.


It would take hours to find companies and add them to a LinkedIn search. Now, take a coffee. And watch it being done automatically. 🚀 🕑


LinkedIn is always giving you a 50% mismatch with your search. Now, find the right person. In the right company. 95% of the time.


Leads databases are ruining you. Now, it's all centralized in 1 subscrition. Cheaper. And easier. 💰


You don't need to be a pro. To find your ideal customer. No technical skills required. Just as easy as Google search. 🔥

Why should i use ipuut

Linkedin strentghs.
Without his weaknesses.

Finding a list of qualified leads on LinkedIn is a pity. Quality is awful.

With Impuut, you have thousands of filters to find companies you want to target. 

You can then turn this list of companies into a list of decision-makers working there. 

Regular LinkedIn search. Accuracy: 50%
LinkedIn search with Impuut. Accuracy : 95%
HOw it works?

Find the right person.
Becomes a walk in the park. 🚶‍♂️

Company exploration.

Apply filters on public database like Crunhbase. And find companies you want to target.

LinkedIn search building.

Impuut turns the list of companies you got into a Linkedin search of employees working in those companies.

Qualification des prospects.

Add LinkedIn filters to your search. Like "Head Of Sales" title. And reach them out with your favorite automation tool.

Already 100+ beta testers.
And you?

available databases

One goal. 🎯
One database.


Perfect if you have an APE/NAF code. Add location and size and get your perfect propsect.

LinkedIn account search

Powerful when you have the type of the company in his name. For example "agency" or "real estate".


Same as Societe.com. With more fitlers: size, revenue, age of the owner etc...

Fichier CSV

You built your own list of companies websites or names. Import it and find all employees on LinkedIn.

Welcome To The Jungle

If you want to target recruiting companies, it's here.

Missing something?

Our goal is to add the most relevant database to you. Contact us via the chat and we will add your request to the roadmap!


Do you have questions?
We have answers. 💪

Is the beta free?

Yup, it is.

What do Impuut is useful for?

Impuut helps you to build a LinkedIn search with employees in companies that are relevant to your business. 

For example, you want to target startups who are massively recruiting. 

Linkedin doesn't have filters for that. With WelcomeToTheJungle you can find companies matching the right filters. And turn the list into a list of employees you can reach out.  

Do you have an ETA for the beta?

Impuut will be released on September 2022. 

How can I learn more?

Click on "Join the beta". And reach out our CEO directly on LinkedIn. 

How can I join the beta?

By clicking "Join the beta", you will be redirected to our CEO LinkedIn profile. Contact him and he will put you on the list. 

What are available databases on Impuut?

For now we only integrate with Société.com, Pappers, Welcome To The Jungle, LinkedIn account LinkedIn and CSV files of website urls or company names. 


What can I do if my database is not available yet?

Reach us via the tchat. And we will add it to the list.  

Your outreach process.
Accurate and easy.